REVIEW: DU-HA Truck Storage Systems

Several months ago I switched from an SUV to my Ford F250 Crew Cab truck. The transition has been very well enjoyed but I was quickly reminded of the vast difference in enclosed storage space between an SUV and a truck. I have room for six passengers and as a primary family transportation system I need to keep the seating space available. Sure, you can add a toolbox but that exterior storage isn’t always appropriate. Plus you can lose valuable ATV space in the truck bed by adding a toolbox.

DU-HA stock before photo.

During my search for an alternative I came across DU-HA Inc. and their storage solutions for pickup trucks. DU-HA offers storage systems to fit behind and/or under the seats of most full size trucks. The DU-HA storage boxes are significant upgrades to the stock storage options (or lack thereof) and provide a great deal

DU-HA stock after photo.

of hidden space. The units are even capable of safely carrying rifles and are considered legal gun cases in most states.

The factory behind-the-seat storage versus the DU-HA. DU-HA stock photo.

I picked up both the Underseat and Behind-the-seat models for my Ford F250 Crew Cab. The amount of space added was incredible. The space is secure and out of the sight of prying eyes, removing any temptation that toolboxes and bed covers often give. Peering through the windows the boxes aren’t noticable at all. They do not interfere with the functions of the seats or the passengers in them.

The storage boxes come in several colors to match most interiors. The boxes average about $199 for understeat models and $179 for behind-the-seat models. Boxes are available for full-size trucks from Ford, Chevrolet/GMC, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota and the Honda Ridgeline. They come with a 30 day money-back gurantee and a lifetime warranty. Installation is easy and takes only moments using a couple of tools and existing hardware. Accessories include anti-theft locks and subwoofer boxes for some models. Since my own purchase I have recommended these to others who have bought them and been equally pleased. For more information see

The storage systems make a great place for my first responder gear. My radio and lighting controls are mounted in the box to keep them safe.

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