Interview: Mitch Guthrie Racing

If you spend much time following the LOORS, WORCS UTV series, King of the Hammers, or some of the big names in UTV racing equipment, then you have come across the name Guthrie. You’ve probably come across it a lot. Like at the end of every race. As in the podium list. In fact, the father/son team of Mitch Guthrie, Sr. and Mitch Guthrie, Jr. of Guthrie Racing have an accomplishment list longer than this interview. To highlight, it includes the podium in every KOH UTV race including five out of six 1st place finishes. Jr. also has dozens of top finishes in the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series and is now a strong competitor in the WORCS including being the 2013 WORCS Production 1000 Class Champion and he has a great start on the 2014 season. We caught up with the pair to see what makes them so successful.

Guthrie Racing What all offroad vehicles are in your collection?
Mitch Guthrie Sr.: We have two Polaris RZR XP1000’s, a Polaris RZR XP900 and a Polaris Ranger 500.

WATV: You have both proven the Polaris RZR has what it takes to be successful in any racing series. What makes the Polaris RZR the best UTV?
Sr.: Durability
Jr.: Fast, comfortable and easy to drive, and what my dad said.

WATV: What is the next challenge for the Guthrie Racing team? Have you considered the Dakar?
Sr.: No Dakar. We would like to try some desert racing in the future.
Jr.: I have run short course and WORCS racing and King of the Hammers. I would also like to try desert racing.

Guthrie Racing

Why does the Polaris RZR dominate? It’s durable, fast, comfortable and easy to drive.

WATV: Supposing you ever have down time, how do you unwind?
Sr.: We go to the Colorado River and boat or take the Polaris cars out to the desert for fun. 
Jr.: I hang out with my friends from school.

WATV: Do you feel like you’ve “made it”?
Sr.: I like to think so. We have many great companies that support us. 
Jr.: I feel like we have accomplished our goals each year, but I want to keep moving up if possible.

WATV: You each race in several different series. How do you prepare differently for each one?
Sr.: We race two series; King of the Hammers once a year and all nine WORCS races. We prepare by having the best UTVs and the best equipment. We also are the only two people that work on the cars.

WATV: You two have set a strong example for family racing teams. What is the atmosphere in the cockpit like during a race like KOH?
Sr.: In the cockpit during the KOH race it’s stressful for the first, I would say, 15 to 20 miles and then we get in a groove and have fun! 
Jr.: My dad likes to drive a little wild at first and then I remind him it is a long race. We actually talk and have fun!

Guthrie Racing

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WATV: Junior, do you have plans to compete against your dad in a future KOH?
Sr.: I don’t like him driving in the rocks. But maybe someday. 
Jr.: No, I really don’t like the rocks. I am getting more comfortable with them but I think it takes years to get good at going through them fast.

WATV: What’s the first upgrade you make to an ORV?
Sr.: Seats and belts. 
Jr.: Definitely anything to do with safety.

WATV: Any shoutouts you would like to make?
Sr.: Thank you to all of our great sponsors. We could not do this without them: Polaris, Walker Evans Racing, Muzzy’s Performance, Magnum Offroad, Nelson & Nelson Racing Products,, Tireballs, Maxxis,, K&N, FactoryUTV, Assault Industries and Pro Armor.

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Interview: Derek Guetter

Everyone has that friend who is crazy when it comes to ATV riding. But you probably don’t have a friend who is “watch me do a backflip” crazy. Derek Guetter is one of those crazy individuals. Derek is a freestyle rider for Can-Am and has made a living doing backflips on tours with the likes of the Nuclear Cowboyz. Now he’s bringing the show to your living room by producing some of the best riding footage ever released. Butter: All Moto Flavored has been out only a few months and takes ATV movies to a whole new level. We interrupted Derek’s weekend to see what it’s like to stare down a backflip ramp and what’s next for the freestyle rider turned executive producer.

Derek Guetter What ATVs and Side-by-Sides do you currently own?
Derek Guetter: Me and Jon (Derek’s freestyling brother) have our Can-Am DS450’s, obviously, Outlander 800, Maverick 1000, and we’ve been collecting old quads that we grew up riding or are special to us. After our close friend Kelly Chang passed away I purchased his Suzuki LT250 QuadRacer from his daugter and had it shipped from Hawaii. Kelly was a really good friend and I’m rebuilding it back to it’s original condition. We also have Jon’s last Roll-Design PEP YFZ450, and my pride and joy, mint condition 88 Honda 250R fully built. (I’m) trying to track down an 87 Banshee and we’ll have a sweet collection!!

WATV: Describe a typical day in the life of Derek Guetter.
DG: That varies on time of the year. Putting a movie together takes a lot of planning, as well as booking our shows so I spend a lot of time in my office and at conventions and trade shows. I actually didn’t get to ride near as much as I’d liked to last year, but if I wasn’t putting this much effort into making sure we are busy all year round we wouldn’t last or be this successful.

Derek Guetter

WATV: We know you like to play guitar. What other ways do you wind down off the track?
DG: I love my guitars, it’s the next best thing to riding!  I started playing about 2 years ago and it’s so good to clear my head!  That and golf are probably my 2 favorite things away from seat time.  Spending so much time traveling and putting your life on the line as much as Jon and myself do, it’s nice to relax and stay quiet.

WATV: What is your favorite freestyle trick to perform?
DG: I can do no-footed nacs really good, it’s my biggest and easiest trick so probably that!  Flips are fun but scare the crap out of me!  Ha

WATV: How much practice led up to your first real backflip?
DG: I’d spent plenty of time in foam pits prior, but when I got offered the job on Nuclear Cowboyz if I flipped I maybe had 4 weeks time to get it down and comfortable to dirt.  It was one of the most stressful times in my life, or so I’d thought.  Once I did it, got on tour, and had to do it every weekend with little to no practice in between weekends, I aged very quickly and lost a lot of hair.

Derek Guetter and Digger Doug Gust

Derek (right) getting a different kind of air with Digger Doug Gust.

WATV: More than once while riding in the Nuclear Cowboyz tour you’ve been seriously injured from backflips gone bad. What is it like to face the ramp the next time?
DG: It really sucks.  Flipping isn’t that hard when you’re confident and do it all the time, I just had bad luck with scary setups that had little to no room for error, and being as new to flipping as I was I just hucked it every weekend disregarding any consequence that may come with it.  Looking back I was stupid putting myself in that position, but riding with those guys every weekend was a dream come true and amazing experience.

WATV: Aside from Butter: All Moto Flavored, what other ATV movies have you been involved in?
DG: Bunch of Huevos, Charge, probably some crash films.  haha 

Derek Guetter

WATV: Where did the idea of Butter: All Moto Flavored come from and what makes it different from other ATV movies?
DG: Butter is all about showing up to a perfectly groomed track, it’s watered, no ruts, sun’s out, and you’re the first one to ride it. That right there is Butter! My oldest brother Dan texted me the idea when we were brain storming, and it only took 1 day and we knew that was it!  
We got into riding because we watched every moto film ever made and idolized those guys.  Nowadays there’s only bike films and slowly you’re seeing the ATV scene die out.  We’re trying to rekindle that excitement that we had as young kids and inspire the next generation of ATV rippers!

WATV: How hard was it to get such an all-star lineup together for Butter?
DG: At first really hard, the people that did know about it thought it was a joke.  Little did they know we had this contracted to go on iTunes and all the major digital distribution networks, so once we released the trailer and they seen the quality of our film my phone wouldn’t stop ringing for guys to get in a last minute segment!

Derek Guetter

WATV: Any plans for a Butter 2 and, if so, anyone you didn’t have in the first one you’d like to have this time?
DG:  We start shooting in a few weeks!  Now that we have a solid fan base and foundation to grow, we have so many more riders, locations, and opportunities to work with. What we have planned for Butter2 is going to be all time for ATV films!

Derek, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us and thanks for your efforts in reviving the ATV movie industry. We can’t wait to see Butter 2!

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Interview: Chad Wienen

If you know anything about ATV racing, then you know the name Chad Wienen. You can’t even flip through your favorite ATV magazine without finding MANY advertisements about products that Chad races with or endorses like the FOX Chad Wienen Signature Series FLOAT 3 EVOL RC2 shocks. If EA Sports released an ATV racing video game, Chad would be the cover art. We caught up with the newly crowned 2013 AMA ATV MX National Champion. Here’s a few things you might not know about the life of the circuit’s best rider.

Chad Wienen

WATV: What ATVs or UTVs do you currently own?
Chad Wienen: I actually own a fleet of Yamaha YFZ450R’s, a Yamaha Raptor 90, a Yamaha Grizzly, and every machine I raced during my Pro career: Honda, Suzuki, Kawi and Can-Am. Along with my two Championship YFZ450R’s from 2012 and 2013.

WATV: You started racing in 2006, got sponsored by a factory team in 2007,  and won the AMA ATV Pro National Championship in 2012 and 2013. To what do you attribute your huge success?
CW: I actually turned pro in 2006. I would have to say a strong will to win and also all the support that I have had along the way to get me over all the ups and downs along the way.

Chad Wienen

Kids, this is what lots of podium trips and a successful business looks like. Theme music optional.

WATV: When it’s not race weekend what is your favorite type of riding and where do you go?
CW: Riding at my track at home or going to Sunset Ridge MX (Walnut, IL) for a weekend of riding.

WATV: You’ve had so many great accomplishments and records in ATV racing. Which one means the most to you?
CW: Last season breaking the most consecutive race wins in a season. 7 overall wins in a row.

WATV: What do your pre-race and post-race meals consist of?
CW: I eat eggs in the morning and a small sandwich during the day. Usually a hearty meal for dinner full of protein to recover.

WATV: What would we find on your MP3 player?
CW: MP3, this is the new age (laughs). iPod would have anything from some Greenday to Metallica to 3 Days Grace to Imagine Dragons.

WATV: What 5 words describe you?
CW: Relentless, determined, never give up.

WATV: Outside of racing, where are we likely to find you spending your time?
CW: Golfing, training, swimming, and hanging with friends and family.

Chad Wienen

WATV: What’s next for Chad Wienen? Is ATV racing a stepping stone to something else?
CW: Next is building a business and staying within the sport. Possibly something else…

WATV: Freedom of speech, anything else you would like to say?
CW: Thank you for the interest and ride fast and safe. (If you) need anything for your racing needs check us out at

Chad, thanks for slowing down for a moment to catch up with us. Best of luck to you in the 2014 season and with the continued success for Wienen Motorsports.

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Interview: Corry Weller

Corry WellerThere are few people whose hobbies and way of making a living are one in the same. Most people are just working for the weekend. Few get to enjoy every day like it’s Saturday. Corry Weller is one of those lucky souls. She began racing quads in 2001, followed by short-course UTV racing in 2007. In 2010 she became the winningest female in short-course history and won the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series SR1 Championship in 2011. In 2012 she added Pro 4 truck racing to her repertoire and again, has been very successful. We recently caught up to the incredibly friendly champion between races.

WATV: What ATVs or UTVs do you own?
CW: Right now I own a 2009 Yamaha YFZ450R and a Yamaha SR1 race Rhino (a custom race Rhino with an R1 streetbike motor in it that I race when I’m not racing my truck!)  Yamaha actually just came on board as a sponsor, so it looks like I will also be getting a brand new Yamaha Viking to use as a pit vehicle!

WATV: Where is your favorite recreational place to ride?
CW: That’s easy!  I am a dune girl…..I love the dunes at Glamis in CA.  When race season is over, dune season begins, so it’s a great way to spend my off-season!

WATV: What are your hobbies outside of motorsports?
CW: Oh wow….I don’t really have any!! Pretty much everything I do involves motorsports.  I do like Crossfit, if you can call that a hobby?  I do that to stay in shape for racing……and I love to read when I have the time.  It helps me de-stress.

WATV: What was your last traffic ticket?
CW: Oooo….that’s a tough one.  I used to get a lot of speeding tickets when I was in college, until I calmed down a bit after I had kids.  I think it was for turning right on an off-ramp, when there was a sign I couldn’t see that said “no right turn on red”.  The officer and I chatted about racing for about 20 minutes that day…..

WATV: How did you get into motorsports?
CW: On a whim, actually.  I never raced anything growing up… 2001 I decided I wanted to learn to race MX, so I bought a quad and found a track here that allowed quads, and started riding.  I was hooked instantly, and have been racing ever since that day!

WATV: Describe a typical day in the life of Corry Weller.
CW: Oh, well….it’s not really glamorous.  I wake up around 5:30am, go to Crossfit, eat a quick breakfast and spend some time on my computer catching up on e-mails, paying bills, reconciling my sponsor account, social media, etc.  Then I head to the shop and order parts, work on the truck, etc.  I do alot of parts running, too….seems I’m always driving around picking up parts that we need for whatever we are working on that day.  Usually we are at the shop till around 7 or 8, but some days I get to go get my nails done, or do some non-work related stuff, but that’s pretty rare. Come home, eat dinner, do some more social media and either read, watch some TV to unwind, or just go to bed.  That’s on our non-race weeks/weekends…..those times are MUCH crazier!

WATV: What is your must have ATV or UTV accessory?
CW: When I buy a quad, the first two things I like to buy are nerf bars and an exhaust.  For the UTV it would be intake and exhaust.

WATV: When you and your hubby (champion racer Jason Weller) are going somewhere together, who drives?
CW: Oh, that’s sort of a sore subject, haha!  He likes to drive…..I think it’s a “man thing”, because before I met him I ALWAYS drove everywhere!  I am good at driving just about anything, big trucks, motorhomes, towing fifth-wheels, etc…..but if we are going together, he likes to drive.  It’s hard for me, because I am sort of a control freak, but I’m getting better at being in the passenger seat.

WATV: What is your personal (highway) vehicle?
CW: I have a 2012 Chevy Silverado crew cab.  Not exactly the best gas mileage, but I need a pickup for all the parts running and race stuff we do.

WATV: Most exciting racing experience?
CW: Hmmmm….I have a number of those!  But the best lately have been whenever I make the podium in the Pro 4 class.  Nothing better than seeing your whole team, your sponsors, and all those fans SO happy!! 🙂

WATV: What’s in your music playlist?
CW: I have a mix of stuff, actually.  Rihanna, Eminem, Skrillex, KillSwitch Engage, Imagine Dragons, alot of current stuff….I like any music that is motivating.  I work out with music and sometimes I race/ride with it, too… I’m a huge music person.

WATV: What is your favorite product at
CW: I love our SR1 drive kits.  They are made really well, they are super beefy and hold up to alot of abuse.  So much of it is billet, and it’s just a really well made kit.  Our most popular seller is our Rhino fuel kits, though!  Those things sell like crazy!!!

WATV: What would your superhero name be?
CW: HAHA I have no idea!  Something that has to do with speed, I would hope…..

WATV: Your own soapbox, anything you want to say to your fans?
CW: Just that I have the best fans ever!!  I am not sure if my fans realize how much their support means…..there are days when things don’t go so well, and a fan or two can say the nicest things, and your whole day is so much better!!  So, THANK YOU!!

Corry, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy race schedule and good luck in the future.

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