REVIEW: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

Perhaps the most important element of our reviews is the visual element. The photos and videos that we strive to provide give additional detail and demonstration to our reviews and help each of you to better see what we see. So it’s no small investment that we put into getting those photos. One tool we have come to love is the Capture Camera Clips from Peak Design. Our line-up includes the Peak Design Capture, Capture Pro and the POV kit.

Peak Design Capture

GoPro has revolutionized photography and videography in our industry but doesn’t work as well for point-and-click shots, especially where zooming is desired. SLR cameras are great, but the trails can be hard on expensive photo and video equipment. The slings that come with most cameras can’t keep the camera safe from the bouncing that occurs on the trails. Cases and bags can keep cameras secure but are inconvenient to get to. Peak Design addressed this when they created the Capture line.

Peak Design Capture

The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip allows a camera to be securely connected to a belt or strap with a holster design so that it can be quickly removed for the shot but is kept safe from abuse. In my personal use I have found that wearing it on the belt works great for hiking or tourist type photography. If I have a backpack or hydration pack then the shoulder straps work best. The latter is also my preferred for ATV riding as it keeps the camera up high.

Incredibly easy to use, the Peak Design Capture mounts to a belt or strap very securely with thumb screws for a fit that will adjust to any normal size. The adapter screws into the tripod mount of your DSLR or any other camera with a tripod hole. The adapter securely clips into the baseplate. Now its locked in and able to withstand 200 pounds of force! To remove you simply push the red release button and slide the camera out of the holster. For additional security the release button has a twist lock to prevent inadvertent release or theft.

Available in two models, the Capture and Capture Pro have a few differences. The standard Capture is made of aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon while the Capture Pro is all aluminum. The Capture Pro is also compatible with both Manfrotto RC2 tripods and Arca-type tripods where the standard capture only works with Arca. The Capture Pro also has its own tripod mounting hole allowing it to be used as a quick disconnect from a tripod or monopod.

POV Mount

Peak Design also offers a P.O.V. Action Mount for GoPro and other action cameras. The POV kit is used in conjunction with the Capture or Capture Pro for use on a bag strap. It’s a great way to get a POV photo or video without the bulk of helmet mounts or extra harnesses. The POV mount is $29.95.

Peak Designs Capture POV

Get Yours

Peak Design Capture Camera Clips and Capture Pro Camera Clip carry an MSRP of $59.95 and $79.95 respectively. They are also available in various bundles with other excellent Peak Design accessories like the Cuff or Clutch camera straps. To make the deal even sweeter, use promo code weekendatv for 10% off your order! To see more details on the Peak Design Capture Camera Clips and other professional camera gear check out

REVIEW: GoPro HD Hero2 Camera

Social media is everywhere. Everyone wants to share the cool stuff they are doing with status updates, check-ins, photos and more. But there is no better way to brag about your awesome adventure than capturing it in true high definition video. Enter the GoPro HD Hero2 camera.

GoPro is no newbie to video capture. The HD Hero2 is the third camera release from the company, building on each one to produce a more feature rich product each time. We decided the HD Hero2 would be the perfect tool for the staff here at to use for future reviews so we picked one up amid the holiday shopping excitement. After a few rides we are not disappointed!

First and foremost the HD Hero2 is a video camera. It is capable of videos modes in WVGA, 720p, 960p and 1080p. Each has multiple FOV (field of view) settings and FPS (frames per second). The still camera mode is pretty impressive too putting out 11 megapixel images. There are also some awesome still shot modes, like taking 10 photos in one second or taking a picture every half, 1, 2 ,10, 30 or 60 seconds. The lens design gives a fisheye effect to pictures and video.

Perhaps the biggest seller for those of us that get muddy is the camera is completely waterproof down to 197′. I don’t think there is an ATV snorkel kit yet that can test that so it should handle your riding grounds. There are also multiple mounts for the camera system so it can get almost any point of view you can imagine. There is a helmet mount, a handlebar mount, a rollbar mount, adhesive mounts and many others to cater to both our industry and others.

In our own tests we found out one thing quick. That old SD memory card you have laying around is not going to cut it. For good video quality you’ll need a Class 10 SD memory card as recommended by GoPro. Also, our test days all turned out to be cool, overcast days in the humid deep South. We found that the outer skeleton lens would fog up over time leaving our picture very cloudy. If we opened case the moisture disappeared immediately. GoPro apparently saw this issue and sells strips that help absorb the moisture.

The final result is an awesome piece of hardware. At an MSRP of $299 the GoPro HD Hero2 is perfect for capturing all of your adventures at a  more than reasonable price, Also surprising is the reasonable price for the different mounts. Overall expect your investment to be around $400 between the camera, SD card and a mount or two.  You won’t regret it. For more information visit GoPro at Stay tuned to for a lot more videos made with the GoPro HD Hero2.