REVIEW: RAM Drink Cup Mount

With any activity hydration should always be a consideration. While ATV riding may often not be physically demanding it is important for your own health and safety to stay well hydrated. In recent years ATV manufacturers seem to be noticing this and are including cup holders built into many ATVs. However, there are still many models where an upgrade is required. Our friends at RAM Mounts are just the sort of supplier for this.


I have been the lucky one to try out the RAM Drink Cup Mount (RAM-B-132RU). I have used it on a dozen or so trips and it really does the job. Like all of our RAM Mounts reviews, installation is extremely easy. The toughest part is deciding where to mount it.

RAM Cup HolderThis is a true 5 minute install. The package come with a U-bolt mount, socket arm, and cup holder with a koozie. The mount and U-bolts attach to the handle bars (in my case) or any bar you wish from 0.5″ to 1.25″. The default U-bolt mount (RAM-B-231ZU) is not rust-proof. However, the rust-proof RAM-B-231U is at virtually the same price, but only accommodates 0.5″ to 1.0″ bars. The 3″ long mount arm allows the cup holder to be mounted at almost any angle. The arm is very easy to tighten and does not move once properly secured. Finally, the cup holder attaches to the arm. With a 12 oz drink, the cup holder attachment allows for 360 degree movement for the roughest of rides. The koozie creates a snug fit for drinks of various size.

RAM Cup HolderOver the past few trips, we have been on some really rough trails and I’ve yet to lose a drink! If you are tried of losing your drink, RAM Mounts has a solution for you. In addition to the handlebar mount, they have a variety of mounting solutions to fit your fits. In fact, I challenge you to find a legitimate mounting desire that they don’t have a good solution for. The MSRP on this RAM Mounts kit is $37.32. To order a RAM Drink Cup Mount for yourself check out their online store at

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