REVIEW: Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Whip

One of the major trends in the accessory market is LED safety whips. Many parks, especially sand dunes, require safety flags elevated high on whips to make riders more visible coming over a dune or hill. Changes in technology have allowed LED whips to become more visible than flags as the lighted whips are akin to light sabers hanging off the rear rack. Riding areas open after dark look like a sci-fi movie as neon colors dash through the dunes and trails. So we contacted Gorilla Whips to try out the Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Whip.

Gorilla Whips

While there are several companies producing LED safety whips, Gorilla Whips are unique. Instead of purchasing a dedicated color, the Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Whip has 20 different colors built-in. An inline remote control allows you to cycle through the 20 colors to choose your favorite. Your final selection is remembered, even after you power off the whip, for the next time you turn it on. The inline remote also allows you to rotate through 19 different patterns. Instead of the whip just glowing a solid color it can flash, fade between colors and create a random light show. A final button acts as the on/off button and can change the speed of the selected pattern.

Gorilla Whips

If you purchase a Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Whip you will receive the whip, your selected flag, a wiring harness with a quick-release, quick connect wire splices, the billet aluminum whip mount and its mounting hardware. Installation is simple enough that instructions are not included but they do have an installation video on their YouTube Channel at The billet aluminum whip mount is bolted to the mounting hole that your ATV likely already has on the rear rack or grab bar. This whip is inserted snuggly into the mount and secured with a quick release pin. The wiring harness is then assembled and connected to the battery or other power source. That’s it. The wiring harness on the battery side is the same as most trickle chargers meaning quicker installation if you have a trickle charger already.

Gorilla Whips

The Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Whip is available in 3′, 4′ and 6′ lengths. Our 6′ model contains over 215 super bright LEDs. While we’re not able to compare the Xtreme Whip’s brightness to its competitors, Gorilla Whips backs their claim in their stronger, brighter, better guarantee. And if you manage to break it you can receive a discounted or even free replacement with their crazy crash guarantee. We did experience an issue where a small segment of the LEDs in our whip would flicker or not work at all. Gorilla Whips replaced it at no cost.

Gorilla Whips

The Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Whip carries a price tag of $119, $129 and $139 for the 3′, 4′ and 6′ lengths respectively. That puts them in the higher price range compared to others, but again, you aren’t locked into a single color or pattern making them an incredible value. Their newest model even has a wireless remote control. Gorilla Whips also offers standard ATV whips and replacement parts. To order your own check out

Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Whip

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12 thoughts on “REVIEW: Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Whip

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  2. My Gorilla whip has never worked. Remote will not stay learned to the whip and I have no way to turn it on. Returned it to Gorilla whips after the took several weeks to deliver the whip. They returned the same whip and it does not work and will not replace it. Not only the worst product ever but the company has the worst service and you can not speak to anyone only email. I would never do business with Gorilla whips ever.

    Martin Wooldirdge 406-672-4951
    Helena MT.

    • Martin, thanks for your feedback on Gorilla Whips. I hate to hear you had trouble but thank for sharing your experience with our readers.

  3. I also find their customer service something a bit of a disappointment. I purchased two whips for my RZR 1000 last September and had everything installed. They looked great and I was happy with how bright they were. First ride and within 15 minutes one of them snapped at the base. Nearly two months later I received a replacement and it did not work. I was told that a batch was sent out wired incorrectly and that I needed to return it for a replacement and they would make sure it works. I received my new one (in the middle of moving to a new state) and left it packaged. Here we are last week and I opened the package to try it out and nothing. I called customer service and they said check to see if it is reverse polarity and sure enough. But now I have a dual whip setup with plugs reversed. Rather than just own up to what happened and send new whips, I’ve been asked to take pictures of my plugs, etc. etc. At this point I am just going to chase the wires (after taking apart the rear bumper of the machine) and switch the polarity of one plug. In no way shape or form should I have to be doing this but I want what I bought to work. If either of them break or something happens then I will definitely just switch to a different product.

    Steve – displeased in AZ

    • Also had numerous problems with gorilla whips and my 4 foot remote led whip. Not only does it not work but customer service was nonexistent . What they do not know is I plan to visit them in person when I travel to Utah for an arc jamboree then I can really investigate this company. Martin Wooldridge

  4. I don’t see how companies can do that going off the first item date not the replacement date of the 2nd item I got. My LED whip I got in January 2015 had to get replacement requested on August 14th 2015 and the replacement stopped working today. They have 9 month warranty but is going off the January 2015 date. Guess I will just go without hope people still see my ATV well enough if I need to take it out at night. Shouldn’t to be replacing a whip that claims to last no matter what is done to it. I also find some wiring problems right off the bat, #1 no inline fuse sent with it, #2 positive pin wired to the none insulated pin so when the whip is not hooked up the main wiring has a risk of the positive pin touching stuff . Also just to let people know I posted this same review on their facebook page and they took the review off right away and block me from ever posting on their facebook page again. This review isn’t mean just the truth so by them removing me from their facebook tells me they know they are wrong

  5. I bought just a regular whip with the skull face on it. Not only did I wait almost 3 weeks for it because they didn’t have any bolts to attach to the bottom of it, but they didn’t even have the customer service skills to advise me that their would be a delay. Even better was when the product arrived! Their website advertises 6’8″, and what showed up was a 6′ whip. The whole experience with gorilla whips has been a nightmare, never will I do business with them again. They don’t return phone calls when you have an issue, the barley respond to emails. It’s takes getting nasty to get any response. Tell me what happen to quality customer service. I pay you for something that you have, I expect that product as advertised. Not some bs that you try and slip by me.

  6. This company is an absolute joke.

    I emailed them asking to become a wholesale distributor of their products overseas, and they couldn’t even send me a complete list of their various items – in fact, I noted this to them not once but FOUR TIMES and they STILL couldn’t send me a list that matched their web page!

    How the hell people this incapable are able to function as a company is just beyond me…

  7. I would like to thanks all the people that have left comments on this site. I have been looking for whips for my rzr. This is the information that needs to be out there so people are correctly informed to the quality of the products and the reliability of the company to stand behind there products. Thank you


    They advertise GUARANTEE. There really isnt one, any breakage is your fault. They will replace it with another for 50%. But why buy another product for 50% that didnt stand up the first time. They show guys beating them against trees, folding them in half etc. But they snap with the slightest bend.
    THIS IS WHAT AMAZON SAYS: They have been writing there own reviews. Shady company all the way around
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  9. Thankyou for the reviews . It looks like you just saved me a problem . I’ll look elsewhere for led whips. Thankyou thankyou .

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